To: Hedpay (HDP) Investors,

Dear Members,

A special announcement and giveaway to our patient and loyal member at Hedpay,
We at Hedpay the company appreciate your patience and loyalty to our project, due to several reasons we had delays for long months by now, recently since 6 months the markets down fall that taking longer so far.

Appreciating your investments and support at any size or level, We at Hedpay decided to giveaway for all investors that had invested in our project and trusted us, we will give 20% HDP of their holding amount at Hedpay wallet for the year 2022, any further delay from our side, we will compensate in same way monthly 2% of HDP on every month delay from January 2023 until we launch.

Simple terms are;
1. Must be at Hedpay wallet holding HDP
2. Must have actually purchased HDP (no airdrop or other)
3. The additional 2% HDP monthly will apply on further purchases if falls in the delay timeline
4. Employees and salary receivers in HDP are not part of this giveaway
5. Other terms and conditions apply

Hedpay Management

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