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1 min readOct 7, 2021



7 October 2021

Hedpay Users & Holders

Dear User,

We are glad to announce our scheduled date for launching first phase of our new Hedpay platform at around 25 / 10 / 2021.

Hedpay team deliver best possible user friendly wallet with highest security for its users, contingent all users must have a minimum KYC/AML process to pass onboarding to the platform and have access to its features,

The platform will include levels of users with limits accordingly, for their own protection while transacting or trading.

The new platform includes;

  • New HDP Token
    *(every user/holder is obliged to have wallet within Hedpay to initiate and interact with New HDP )
  • New Hedpay Stable Coins (HUSD, HEUR, HGBP, HCAD)
  • ERC20 Wallet (HDP, ETH, USDT)
  • BTC Wallet
  • DEX
  • Pool, Farming, Swap, Investment Funds, Investment portfolios,

Further more NFT, Games, features and activities are in process of development and will be announces as it’s gets ready to be live.

Yours sincerely,

Hedpay Management.



HEdpAY Hdp.ф

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