Hedpay Pre Launch Packages

HEdpAY E-Banking and Crypto Transactions on Blockchain Technology

HEdpAY currently offers instant Crypto and FIAT transactions with online accounts linked to Card or Contactless payments. There is more to using HEdpAY — Gain Rewards by referring friends and family, be an affiliate, stack and lock assets to gain incentive and have a passive income, also all transfers within HEdpAY are free.

New HEdpAY platform launch, the platform provides unique features and services to facilitate fast solutions, enabling the consumers transact and operate in a fairly economical way, integrated with blockchain technology. It also offers a range of crypto and banking products, making it a simpler and safer platform for all users.

  • Web interface
  • Mobile Banking (Crypto and FIAT)
  • Send / Receive using Email, QR code, SMS and much more ways
  • Borderless payments
  • A multi-currency platform, enabling the users to choose the currency of their choice
  • Customers can store and stack cryptocurrencies or funds in their HEdpAY wallet
  • Provision of Merchant API set up
  • Withdrawals or deposits currencies and cryptocurrencies
  • Converting Currencies to Crypto Currencies and vice versa

Ethereum based wallet, compatible with ERC-20 standard tokens and BSC BEP20 tokens. This wallet allows you to deposit, store, transfer and exchange crypto and currencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT, ERC20s, BEP20 USD$, CAD$, EUR and GBP, within one environment in simplest ways.



Hedpay Inc

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