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HEdpAY Combining E-Banking and Blockchain Technology

HEdpAY strives to revolutionize methods of financial transactions globally.
HEdpAY currently offers instant Crypto to Crypto and Crypto to FIAT transactions with online account linked to Card or Contactless payments, all transfers within HEdpAY are free.

New HEdpAY platform MVP launch in Q1 2023 and listing on new Exchanges will follow, the platform provides unique features and services to facilitate fast solutions, enabling the consumers transact and operate in a fairly economical way, integrated with blockchain technology. It also offers a range of crypto and banking products, making it a simpler and safer platform for all users, even to people less familiar with new technologies.

Unique features of HEdpAY include:

  • Web3 interface
  • Mobile Banking (Crypto and FIAT)
  • Borderless payments
  • Customers can store and stack cryptocurrencies or funds in their HEdpAY wallet
  • Converting Currencies to Crypto Currencies and vice versa

What is HEdpAY New MVP?

HEdpAY Ethereum based wallet, compatible with ERC-20, BEP20 and multi chain networks standard. This wallet allows you to deposit, store, transfer and exchange crypto and currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, ERC20s, BEP20s, and connect to other networks, and Currencies as USD$, CAD$, EUR and GBP, within one environment in simplest ways.

HEdpAY Smart Exchange DEX / CEX

You can convert, trade and exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies using our secure exchange platform. HEdpAY introduces the opportunity for the users to opt for the ideal conversion rates, minimizing their cost.

Owing to technological advancements and innovation, HEdpAY formed a structural platform, combining currencies and crypto currencies, creating countless possibilities.

With the support of associations and partners, HEdpAY works to maximize adoption by using traditional banking and blockchain technology in unison.

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Company name : Hedpay Technologies

Company Email : info@hedpay.com

Company website : www.hedpay.com

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HEdpAY Hdp.ф

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