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2 min readJan 15, 2024


HEdpAY New Official partner in its Payment Services ITEZ onramp for HDP-B and Cryptocurrencies,

ITEZ is the licensed international crypto exchanges, which allows you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and other crypto currency within a couple of minutes simply by entering your card details and specifying the receiving wallet.

ITEZ, founded in 2019, has several offices around the world, including Dubai, London and headquarters in Vilnius, employing more than 70 people, serving users from more than 140 countries around the world.

The advantage of ITEZ lies in the minimum commissions, multiple payment methods (bank cards, Google pay, SEPA and etc.), SWAP function, absolutely safe and fast transactions, as well as round-the-clock “live” technical support, which helps the user with any difficulties.

For all the time ITEZ has established itself exclusively on the positive side and has thousands of positive reviews and more than 350 thousand active users from all over the world who trust this company.

The company listens to the needs of users and constantly improves its product, simplifying the purchase process. So, for example, now you can purchase cryptocurrency for up to 300 Euros (equivalent) per month without going through the identity verification procedure.

ITEZ has its own news media that covers the main news from the world of the crypto industry, helps beginners understand the issue and analyzes various events that affect the crypto world in one way or another.

ITEZ is trusted not only by people, but also by more than 90 partner companies who use its services (such as On-ramp, off-ramp, OTC, etc.) on a daily basis.


HEdpAY is a financial technology development company, combining the features and services of a traditional e-bank, whilst implementing the prospects of a bank for cryptocurrencies.

HEdpAY to bridge the gap between traditional e-banks and crypto finance using blockchain technologies, to become “The Future Banking Solution Peer to Peer Finance”, a complete spectrum of banking and financial services as DeFi.

“The Future Banking Solution, Peer to Peer Finance”