HEDPAY Maintenance Report

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2 min readMar 8, 2024


Dear Members

Maintenance Report

We appreciate your patience and support for Hedpay Project, here are some update on Beta.Hedpay

Maintenance of system is still on going and specifically on server sides, adding separating servers and enhance security levels,

We had tested couple months BETA version and our analytics are as follows

- 50% of All Holders or members with assets never Log in or even tested what we delivered,

- other 45 % that have log in and registered there after for months did not even check or login again for updates,

- Only 5% of who ever Holding HDP maybe logged in twice to check for update or understand the system (no activity done)

Reviewing the analysis and the critic or comments of few members we understand the request is not the platform or product,

The required is the token liquidity and tradability in market,

Based on this analysis we got from our users we decided to focus first on;

- market trade and token distribution

- keep Maintenance ongoing,

- enhance liquidity in market

- list or find suitable exchange to trade on HDP

- open more DEX swap possibilities,

- Create Sale Offer on Platforms

- start promotions and marketing

Regardless what ever the HDP network is no activity on the Token has been other than SELL requests ! Since deployment of HDP-B

Therefore the Deployment of HDP ERC will be when the full Launch is ready to be Live,

Our Conclusion

Maintenance will still be ongoing until we launch final product without any Member able to use features,

Meaning the following;

- Users can access Register, open account

- Users can see wallets and assets of all Crypto available and transact in/out

- Users can see HDP assets CAN Transact within the platform and its limits

- Users can transact Banking in/out and within the platform (none direct accounts)

- Users can transact with their own Bank as Open Banking (EU/EEA Only)

Final Maintenance Launch will be as Follows

- Users can have full Crypto wallet activity

- Users can have Banking accounts and activities (own accounts)

- Users can Exchange and swaps between all Cryptos, FIAT and HDP

- Users can Stake Crypto and create Pools

- Business Users can create their own Sales or Trades OTC within Launchpad

- Business Users can manage their suppliers or users within the platform

Much More to announce when the Launch date comes, as for NOW we still Building in the back ground


Hedpay Management