HEdpAY Competition Rules AT XT.Com

BUY 100 Hdp @XT.com and do 1–10 tasks

  1. Register at Https;//hedpay.com 10 Hdp at registration
  2. Follow https://twitter.com/MyHEdpAY/ 1 Hdp
  3. 1.follow xt.com Twitter @XTexchange 1 Hdp
  4. 2.join xt.com English TG group https://t.me/XTensupport 1 Hdp
  5. Follow https://www.facebook.com/HEdpAY 1 Hdp
  6. Join Group https://www.t.me/HEdpAY. 1 Hdp
  7. Follow https://hedpay.medium.com/ 1 Hdp
  8. Share on any of Your Social Media 1 Hdp / 1000 member
  9. Add Favourite https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/hedpay/. 2 Hdp
  10. Add Favourite https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/hedpay/ 2 Hdp

Buy and Hold Hdp

  1. Buy 90 Hdp get 10 Hdp Airdrop
  2. Buy 50 Hdp get 5 Hdp Airdrop
  3. Buy & Hold 1000 Hdp Annual get + 0.25% Hdp
  4. Buy & Hold 2000 Hdp Annual get + 0.50% Hdp
  5. Buy & Hold 3000 Hdp Annual get + 0.75% Hdp
  6. Buy & Hold 5000 Hdp Annual get + 1 % Hdp
    *At Https;//hedpay.com get 4% APY
  7. Buy & Hold 10000 Hdp Annual get + 2 % Hdp
    *At Https;//hedpay.com get 6% APY

Share your Task to marketing@hedpay.com and support@xt.com

*Terms and Conditions Apply at Hedpay.com and XT.com, Hedpay.com has the rights to refuse any incorrect or fraudulent task submissions.




The Future Banking Solution

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HEdpAY Hdp.ф

HEdpAY Hdp.ф

The Future Banking Solution

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