Hedpay Circulation and Holders

Total Supply of Tokens is 1Billion and the ICO portion presented 20% equal to 200M available for allocation currently for ICO and CO as the structure follows:

For 200,000,000 HDP Only;

5% F&F Pre ICO at a price of (1 Hdp.ф = 0.0003 Eth) with Bonus.
5% ICO Offer changed as price of ETH , to set a price of (1 Hdp.ф = 0.0001 ETH) with Phases of Bonuses.
5% Team (Reserved for Team)
75% Reserved (Reserved for progressive deployment yearly)
10% Rewards (Bounties, Bonus, Contests, Staking rewards)

Token Holders Structure

Members count: 5500
Active Members: 2200
Exchanges Members count : 500,000 +
HDP Token total supply : 1,000,000,000
HDP Limited allocated supply : 200,000,000
HDP Holders : 50,000,000

HDP Locked Reserve

HDP Platform Locked : 800,000,000
HDP Limited supply balance : 150,000,000
HDP Allocated supply : 50,000,000

HDP Circulation

HDP Allocation at Exchanges : 22,500,000
HDP Staking Rewards + Bonus : 20,000,000
HDP Initial Holders (Investors): 5,000,000
HDP Free Holders (Airdrops): 2,500,000



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