Filling the gap between Traditional Banking and Crypto in Commerce

Whilst some people still ‘trust’ traditional banks and financial institutions, many are looking to a new world — and this includes crypto currencies and crypto banking. Unlike traditional money, crypto is decentralised, meaning it is outside the control of governments and banks. The banks have therefore largely shunned crypto, which has also come under increasing scrutiny from regulators.

For crypto to be used by the masses, it currently must be integrated with FIAT currency (euros, pounds, dollars, etc). Both traditional banks and crypto banks have their place, and, with the current mood of distrust, they need each other. There is a bridge that needs to be built to align both. Future banking operators, like HEdpAY are building a platform that connects crypto with fiat currencies and supports decentralised control. Overcoming these challenges will finally bring crypto use to the mass market.

Traditional banks are seeing the potential value of crypto but bringing them together requires restructuring of legacy systems, adaption to the desires of the new consumer generation and changes to rules and regulations.

“HEdpAY is one of the first projects connecting traditional bank and the crypto universe,” said Vicken Kaprelian, HEdpAY Founder and CEO. “HEdpAY has been created to be the first and most authoritative financial institution enabling users to transfer their fiat currency (euros, pounds, dollars, etc) in crypto quickly, safely and compliantly, using the following services: current account, debit card and instant exchange. HEdpAY also gives investors exclusive opportunities: helping entrepreneurs developing new projects following detailed protocols, selecting best projects in order to preserve investors, and evaluating currencies already included in the market”.

HEdpAY is one of the first to be creating alliance investment funds group in crypto, bringing together all projects and exchanges under one umbrella platform, in order to maximise profits minimising losses.

HEdpAY formed a structural platform completing full e-banking and e-commerce cycle combining fiat currencies and crypto coins/tokens providing banking system POS and ATM possibilities to merchants and businesses, Hedpay grouped and partnered with major firms in ASIA to maximise adoption and cross border activities.

HEdpAY expansion on exchanges gives the opportunity to users to have the best choice of crypto to fiat currency conversion, that helps merchants to minimise their cost.

Blockchain transactions and experience with banks are expanding on a very fast pace, after institutions validating the useful technologies in blockchain and the crypto market, Hedpay being pioneer in its solution concept, will present banking instruments for medium and long term investments on traditional stock exchanges and crypto exchanges combined, that will be a decentralised form of open ledger on blockchain.

HEdpAY’s CEO Vicken Kaprelian, comments on institutional instruments stating that: “A Medium term and Long term notes or tokens will be the trend for the upcoming crypto market after the term of “stablecoin” settling in year 2018–2019 and using the formality of “equity token” or “security token”, the well performing companies on the market will have the better rating on their “Notes/Tokens” this is what the future waits and being prepared for on HEdpAY platform on the institutional business side of it.”

Traditional day to day activities like peer to peer transactions or sales, even trade on exchanges will be simple, fast and almost cost free, where as the bigger business will be same way acting faster and transacting faster with minimum cost, almost free to the ratio of traditional fees, HEdpAY goal with its alliances and partners is to minimise expenses and maximise adoption on businesses and living standards of the mass by using both traditional banking and crypto, suiting each in its useful place of activity on one platform.

HEdpAY’s business plan for Crypto companies and its alliances in Asia, will become the solution platform that companies use as a payment fintech Fiat and Crypto platform. It will probably be one of the biggest platforms in South Korea. About 30+ companies will join into the POS, ATM and Vending Machine platform. It will be the first Korean token business to be used in real life, already agreements and contracts are in place with Hedpay Ltd.

HEdpAY additional activities towards the communities and the young generations, is supporting them with their Education, by creating a system to give equal chance to all globally, to have full education by using LIKERWORLD and the Tokens devoted for it at HEdpAY platform, variety of packages will be presented to special needy regions.



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