Another Great Partnership with HEdpAY

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2 min readJan 26, 2024


Meet our new partner: ChangeNow & NowPayments !

Together, we’ll make digital finance & crypto markets easier for You !

While developing HEdpAY, we’re making more partners and establishing more connections within the crypto industry. Today, we’d like to tell you about our collaboration of the year 2024 — meet ChangeNOW and their Group !

What is HEdpAY

HEdpAY is a Canadian fintech development company, which was founded in 2017 in UK and then further to Europe and North America. It unites the characteristics of conventional banks with the cryptocurrency markets as crypto banking.

HEdpAY Bridge the gap between traditional banking and crypto financing using blockchain technologies.

The project’s aim is to become the “The Future Banking Solution, Peer to Peer Finance”, and provide users with a full range of banking and financial services as DeFi.

What are the products of HEdpAY

Hedpay offers multiple services for those who need to perform various transactions involving crypto and FIAT currencies:

💰Hdp.ф token that could be staked;
👛 a wallet to store your crypto;
💳 prepaid cards for everyday usage;
🔄 an opportunity to buy and sell crypto;
💸 multi-currencies bank Accounts
💸 multi-currencies and multi-cryptocurrencies exchange.

How the ChangeNOW solutions will be useful for HEdpAY users

Now, the ChangeNOW payment widget is available for purchasing crypto at HEdpAY! You can replenish your balance of HEdpAY wallet and accounts with various tokens & coins like BTC or ETH, but you can also find other rare tokens.

You can pay for purchases using FIAT in any convenient way: Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, or SEPA. With ChangeNOW, the whole process is fast and convenient,

Keep in mind that if your purchase is over $300, you’ll need to pass a verification procedure KYC.

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