7 October 2021

Hedpay Users & Holders

Dear User,

We are glad to announce our scheduled date for launching first phase of our new Hedpay platform at around 25 / 10 / 2021.

Hedpay team deliver best possible user friendly wallet with highest security for its users, contingent…

BUY 100 Hdp @XT.com and do 1–10 tasks

  1. Register at Https;//hedpay.com 10 Hdp at registration
  2. Follow https://twitter.com/MyHEdpAY/ 1 Hdp
  3. 1.follow xt.com Twitter @XTexchange 1 Hdp
  4. 2.join xt.com English TG group https://t.me/XTensupport 1 Hdp
  5. Follow https://www.facebook.com/HEdpAY 1 Hdp
  6. Join Group https://www.t.me/HEdpAY. 1 Hdp
  7. Follow https://hedpay.medium.com/ 1 Hdp
  8. Share on any of…

HEdpAY; A Platform, Combining E-Banking and Crypto Transactions on Blockchain

Montreal, Canada, Jun 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The division and the gap in the Financial sector is divided into two main groups, those who still trust traditional financial methods aged hundreds of years and those who are looking for the…

We are excited to announce HEdpAY on XT.com exchange
& Start #HDP #trading #competition with 5,000,000 HDP to be Won.
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Excited to introduce HEdpAY Affiliate program, You can earn and create your own passive income or even proper income by introducing HEdpAY and spreading the good word to your friends, family and others to use The Future Banking Solution services presented by HEdpAY.

Total Supply of Tokens is 1Billion and the ICO portion presented 20% equal to 200M available for allocation currently for ICO and CO as the structure follows:

For 200,000,000 HDP Only;

5% F&F Pre ICO at a price of (1 Hdp.ф = 0.0003 Eth) with Bonus.
5% ICO Offer changed as…

HEdpAY — An Innovative E-banking Platform, Combining Traditional Banking and Crypto Transactions

The world is divided into groups, those who still trust traditional financial methods and those who are looking for new opportunities in the crypto world. Unlike traditional money, cryptocurrency is decentralised, which means that it does not come…

The Future Banking Solution

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Hedpay, The Future Banking Solution

Over the past few years, the evolution in banking introduced electronic money institutions to improve the quality of payment services and promote competition in the retail market. This transformation in systems led to the popularity of modern currency such as blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. And yet this distributed ledger based…

HEdpAY Hdp.ф

The Future Banking Solution

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